Effingham County Sportsman's Club

Black Powder Cartridge Rifle Silhouette

BPCR Silhouette is shot the 4th Saturday, and Sunday, of each

month at the Main Rifle Range.  Metal silhouettes are shot at

200 yards (chickens), 300 yards (pigs), 385 yards (turkeys) and

500 yards (rams).  A typical rifle used for BPCR would be a

Sharps or Remington rolling block in .45-70, and targets must

be knocked down to count as a hit. 

Shooting starts at 9:00am each day, and shooters use a

combination of standing, sitting and/or prone positions to fire

a total of 40 shots with rifles using blackpowder or a

blackpowder substitute.  The match is a NRA approved event

and scores are counted towards the shooters classification.

Fee is $20 for members or non-members.

A new side event is also now shot during the matches, a 2/5 scale .22lr rimfire match!  Scaled down animal silhouettes at 50, 100, 150 and 200 yds are shot using rimfire conversions in full caliber rifles.  It is said shooting .22lr rimfire at these targets, at the above distances, equates to the full scale course of fire in regards to windage and elevation.  However, recoil is a different story!  The rimfire side match starts after the Saturday main event (around noon) and is $10 to shoot, and prizes are awarded.  The guys also said any .22lr rimfire rifles are more than welcome to come out and shoot as well.  So if you have heard about .22lr rimfire silhouette, this is a great opportunity to give it a try.

Contact Brad Smith at (217)821-2266 for more information.