Effingham County Sportsman's Club


General Club Rules

1.  All pertinent Federal, State and Local laws and Ordinances shall be obeyed while on Club property.
2.  Ranges are for member use only.  Two guests may accompany a member per visit.  A guest is only allowed two visits per

     year.  Members are personally responsible for their family and guests.

3. Anyone under the age of 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult Club member while on Club grounds.
4.  Club sanctioned events and maintenance take precedence over casual shooting.
5.  Membership cards will be displayed on your person while on Club property.  Members shall demand proof of                          membership of anyone not displaying membership card.
6.  No one under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be allowed on Club property unless under the auspices of the            Board of Directors (BoD).
7.  Club rules are subject to change at any time, check bulletin boards, website and newsletters for updates.
8.  Willful damage of any Club property will result in revocation of membership and criminal prosecution.
9.  Members shall immediately stop any unsafe actions by others and report anyone to the BoD who violates these rules.
10. Acknowledge that each Club shooting discipline, i.e. pistol, rifle, shotgun, cowboy, archery, has its own set of customary       rules and regulations that must be adhered to.  Ignorance of these rules is not an excuse for unsafe acts.  If there are any      questions contact:
          Silhouette: Brad Smith (217)821-2266                        Rifle: Dave Miller (618)367-6487

          Archery: Kevin Gouchenour (217)821-9131                Shotgun: Zack Pals (217)663-2790

          Cowboy: Craig Cooper (618)839-0669                        General Club Info: Zack Pals (217)663-2790

Rifle and Pistol Range Rules

1.  Keep your muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times, especially when closing the action.  Downrange and level or            down, is the only safe direction.
2.  Firearms will be unloaded, actions open and magazines out at all times until the line is safe to commence fire.
3.  Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire, and your firearm is pointed at the target.
4.  All range users and guests must sign in and out.
5.  Cease fires will be called at a mutually acceptable interval to allow setting and changing targets.  Firearms will not be            handled while anyone is downrange.  All shooters must be accounted for, and concur before range is safe to commence       fire again.
6.  Eye and ear protection shall be worn at all times during live fire.
7.  Only handguns and rimfire firearms will be allowed on the pistol range, no slug guns.
8.  Only paper and “soft” targets will be allowed on the ranges, with the exception of metal spinner targets designed for               rimfires and hanging steel targets in bunkers.  Glass, metal, rock or any other “hard” targets with the potential to

      ricochet are strictly forbidden, unless under the auspices of the BoD.
9.  Targets shall only be placed immediately in front of the berms.  Holders shall be constructed of materials that will not 

      cause a ricochet if struck by an errant bullet.
10. Anyone placing targets on baffles or support posts or wires will be subject to discipline.
11. It is each shooters responsibility to police their own brass, trash, cleaning patches, spent primers and target material and       dispose of them properly.
12. For long range shooting at the main rifle range (100 to 500 yards), shooters must know the ballistics of the                             firearm/ammunition to insure their bullet will impact the berm behind their target.  Consult a ballistic calculator or                     program for each situation.  You must also know your scope or sight adjustments on your firearm to properly adjust               elevation and windage.  DO NOT guess the trajectory of your round and undershoot, or overshoot, the intended target           and berm. 
13. Be aware bullets that leave the property may impact in the residential or recreational areas of Lake Sara.  The berms             and baffles on the ranges are only part of the prevention.  YOUR actions are the most important part of the equation.
14. No fully automatic firearms, .50 BMG firearms or explosives are allowed on the ranges.

15. No night shooting at the rifle and pistol ranges unless a Club organized event.

16. Safety first, last and always.